Reviews for "Sleepy Stu's Adventure"


i got a problem with the movement. i have shoose in every level the skills on my own, tryed different skill-combos but the movement is glithed/bugged.

yea whatever

it was good until it started messing up i barly press the foward button (i give it a little tap) & it slides across the damn screen hitting the spikes & i gotta start all over again wtf!!

Could be fun

But I ran into a glitch on level 9 where I continuously move left.

Pretty good, kept me entertained

The whole "miniscule movement" thing has already been mentioned, so I won't bring it up again.

I am having one problem with the final upgrade. The description was either "flying upgrade or destructive tool". Is there something you actually have to choose? The first time I played, I got the flying one, but the second time I'm not flying, just attacking, if you get my hint. Did I do something wrong, or is there a button I have to press?

Not bad but....

This game need very miniscule control in some parts, and i don't find it has them, i also had a little bit of lag not sure if it is my computer or the game itself.
And like said before being able to move both left and right at all times, should be a given. Despite this the game itself is not bad.