Reviews for "Sleepy Stu's Adventure"

A lot of fun, three things really bothered me

The first is the sensitivity of the controls. It was almost impossible to just tap myself over a tiny distance, so I would constantly run into spikes just trying to line up my jumps. When you press left or right, he should start moving slowly and accelerate to full speed over half a second or so.

Secondly, the melee radius of the spikes needs to be reduced. It really sucked to barely scrape through the corner of the block, where visually, there are no spikes, and die.

Third and final complaint, after activating the last skill, flash crashed. And all my progress was gone. I'm not playing all that again, thanks but no thanks.

Other than that, it was a great game, frustrating in all the best ways. Many of the levels took my preconceived kneejerk reactions to game elements (especially floor spikes) and turned them against me...

broken controls

I enjoy the game when the controls are working.They get stuck going left or right. I'd compare it to holding the joystick on a playstation controller when you turn the playstation on.

I hope there are only two endings

There is no way I'll go through this again to get the eventual "neutral" ending. It was damn hard to find all the evil secret portals. I actually had one good deed in my evil ending because it was easier just to play the level the proper way.

However, I gotta give you that adding two ways of finishing the level - and actually making it challenging to finish it "cheating" gave the game a great replay value. Kudos!

Good puzzle games that goes from puzzles to timing

Although I loved the puzzle parts of it,(which of coarse is most of the game) At a point it became all about timing. and with the movements being over sensitive or not sensitive enough most of the time I found myself in fits of rage just trying to not move into a spike while trying to just move up to something.
Maybe an option for movement sensitivity would solve this?


Not too bad. I didn't seem to have the issues others said they had with the game luckaly. It's a nice puzzler with some realy cool ideas making for some interesting gameplay. Good Job.