Reviews for "Sleepy Stu's Adventure"

This is not a bad game but would be really better if controls were improved. There's not much missing for it to become a good experience.

An outstanding game, loved every moment.

Terrible hit detection though...it is easy to die just by BEING next to thorns.

Decent game, please make a part 2


Worked okay until level 7 when my guy got stuck inside the first block on the left side and I could not get him out.


The controls are quite unresposive often leaving me to do things like instead of jumping twice to jump one time and then fall with no chance of recovery. Honestly the controls are fataly flawed and i didn't get very far because i don't plan on fighting with poor control all day.

Most of the time the controls are singly responsive, I.E. when i want to go forward and jump, stu only goes forward. it looks decent though.