Reviews for "Sleepy Stu's Adventure"

Excellent game!

I beat the entire game with a good rating, although I couldn't find the challenges...

Using the Warp ability if there is no warps will hang the game indefinitely, for example, on the level where the final powerup is revealed, I thought SHIFT turned it on, but I just hung it...

Other then that,

Sweet game!

Its got some difficulty and definitely takes time to play. Some levels just et too frustrating but overall, it totally rocks! :)

He doesn't seem that sleepy

This is yet ANOTHER great game from mofunzone and I am glad you guys have so much of your stuff on this website. The music is nicely done because it gives you a true sense of peace. That might sound odd when you're dealing with a game where you can be killed by spikes. I still think that it fits the atmosphere pretty well overall. The coolest thing was easily how you could walk on air. You would think the game would be a piece of cake with an ability like that.

The designs aren't that complicated, but they're still very well done. I just love the sense that you have true control over your environment. If you get stuck, you really just have to realize the platforms are built for you to use your levitation. The atmosphere seems to create one of autumn, which is coming near. Moral paths always make a game more meaningful, too.

needs a tweak

you figure out how to do the levels minutes before you finish, most jumps are impossible to do without risk of dying so you have to do the same thing over and over and wait until you are lucky, so the slow fade in and fade out screen when you die wastes a lot of time, it should just be immediate or you should be able to program the moves the black goo person makes instead of having to do them yourself, this will probably and should go to the front page though

Yeah, nice game!