Reviews for "Boss Killer"

Very very fun.

Nothing too new, bet is fun all the same. The only thing I would add to it is a challenge mode with many many MANY more bullets.

Final time = 4 min 17 sec

Good game, and

I just realized how much easier touhou would be with mouse controls...
Played on Firefox with no lag problem :D

Bosses were nice, with decent progression, and I liked the music.

It could easily be five times longer though, and no one would complain.


So hard and addicting i beat it in 4:28 ^-^


It surprises me how many people misunderstand the concept of the game. Your supposed to beat it in around 5 minutes. Yes, its simple, but that is the point: A 5-minute game. Great game in my opinion.

HAHA 3:20

good game if ur killin 5 minuts