Reviews for "Boss Killer"

Short and sweet :)

i liked it alot. Only comment is i thought you gave us waay too many health powerups - it's pretty much impossible to lose, even to the final boss. Maybe that's just me and a couple others - im ranting now.

Was Mushihimesama Futari an inspiration for the last boss at all? :D that sideways shooting thing was veeery familiar.

Great job otherwise. 5/5 & 10/10


I liked it, the graphics where average, but the gameplay wasnt bad

It was fun

A bit too easy but fun. Final time 4:43.200

Interesting for a quick play, just no replay value

Short, simple, effective. Though I'm going to admit I actually had to restart once due to figuring out the second-to-last boss' laser.

First completion yielded a final time of 3 minutes and 57 seconds... and at the time that was 20th place overall.

Problems? Well, the background, as others have hinted. And I'd say this could still use a little more replay value - my idea is challenge settings like "more enemy bullets" or "you don't level up" that you could toggle at the main menu.

That's about it, really. Good luck on your next endeavor.

Very very fun.

Nothing too new, bet is fun all the same. The only thing I would add to it is a challenge mode with many many MANY more bullets.

Final time = 4 min 17 sec