Reviews for ""-The Random Generator-""

The wise wizard befriended the icecream with the king. LOL!


the prophecy was fulfiled when the drunk nerd murdered the tree

Very funny!

"An assassin tickled the queen of the balloon" XD
10/10 5/5

Great sentence gen

"After, the small engineer danced with the job of the dirty garbage man" xD
"Fortunately, the kitten murdered the confused joke with the suspicious spy" xDD
"The happy mercenary ate the strange sky"
"During the funeral, an artist escaped from the film with pirate"
"But first, the attractive hero sat on the film, because he was classy"
"Meanwhile in Canada, a brave taxman paid for the hat beacause he was sick"

Soo awsome

"The talented professional married the sky because he was unconscious"
"In the night, the wealthy ghost hugged the piano"
And the best of all...:
"During the funeral, a surprised dogwalker smoked the sleeping design with the gardener".