Reviews for ""-The Random Generator-""

"noone knew why the clumsy manager laughed at the stupid bread with the woman"

PARADOX. read this "After some thought,the professional set fire to the piano because he was mindless" yep its a paradox I tell you

So me and my friends go on NG while at my house. I say, "Hey, guize I'm gonna tell you a story using this sweet generator for sentences!" They make their typical n00b faces, saying "OK"

I click generate after this game loads and stuff.

Here is what I get(note my friends are here while I'm typing this in, and they are waiting for me to do the story thing, and that they're pissed that I called them n00bs):

"In a dream, the waitress destroyed the video game.
She was glad when the wrench bought the doctor of the heart.
After some thought, the man experienced the angry balloon of the doctor.
In a cave, the sick student the wizard of the teacher.
The cop fled from the pizza because he was imaginary.
Eventually the bleeding beast fed the author of the deformed professional.
Meanwhile, the bird watched the powerful cooking because it was drunk. (We're all going, 'WTF', but all laughing at the same time)
In broad daylight, the crocodile helped the land.
In the finale, the detective hurt the clumsy piano because he was crazy. (I say The End becase of 'iIn the finale')"

And now some stuff me and my friends said.

I think that was really funny. This is really great and cool. -Kainoa(me)
lol, so weird. -My friend Kyle
What is this and why is this funny to me- Tyler

All I can really say is, this is really creative. I think this is good overall.

''A criminal helped the cash because he was large''

he watched as a kid hugged the wind. i am inspired.