Reviews for "K.O.L.M. 2"

Thank You

The sheer innocence of the robot brought tears to my eyes

Amazing game!

Amazing atomospheric music. I thought the lighting was very impressive. Plenty of place to explore. 10/10.

Unfortunately, I see a lot of moronic reviews. Too short? Only if you used the hint system. Playing without hints leaves much more room to wander. Sister doesn't have a name? Yes she does. It's Abigail. Cliffhanger ending? That's to make us want KOLM 3.

This is a wonderful, wonderful game that lives up to its prequel.

Oh why did you bring me here?

I solute you Armor Games. Oh such great a game as this. My only concern is that it wasn't nearly as long as the first. Although I'd assume because you're making a 3rd it's not too bad for length. Love the plot tho.

Just as a Pre-Caution to everyone new playing KOLM. Play the first version, First; as is in most games you likely won't understand it.


Mother is like GLaDOS

Amazing game!!!!!!!!!!!

Beautiful music, great graphics and fluid controls.The ending just crushes you...