Reviews for "K.O.L.M. 2"



why did you made me cry

the gay under neaf me is right it crushes you TO MUCH

Simply wonderful

Beautiful, worthy sequel of KOLM in every way.
There's a bug, though. Whenever I fetched an achievement (or a letter), the game got stuck and I had to refresh the page to resume playing.

beautifull game

i love this one, very beautifull game,
glad to see that my chara doesn't die.
and i'm really hoping to see a sequel, that will be great! nwn
also, love the visual effects, and the music gives the perfect ambient.

@Sonicflame lol how can you calculate the probability of the next game coming out this year? Ha it's based on his mood, when he/she decides to work on it, and if they feel like even making it. Derp. But yes this game is fantastic. Brilliant. I surely do hope there will be a sequel.