Reviews for "K.O.L.M. 2"

Really wish a lot more had been done with the mechanic of having the robot and sister work as a team to get through the world. Game's alright otherwise (love that you start out with all the 1st game's abilities plus re-exploring the cave after it got blown up, reminded me a bit of Banjo-Tooie in that regard even though I hate that game) but I was pretty excited followed by disappointed when I discovered it ends right after the one puzzle you do with them together.

The-EXP responds:

Yeah, maybe I'll explore that mechanic more in the third entry ;)
Thanks for playing, that's probably my favourite part too.
Also yeah, Banjo Tooie :(

Hard but enjoyable. I wish you would continue the story.

will there be a third game? (probably not but I really want a third game because the ending to this one was really, really, really depressing, and super unsatisfying.)

Is anyone else seeing a face in the computer monitors... that shit made me jump ngl

A more story-based successor than the first game, not a bad thing however.

I'll have to second the word of fellow last reviewer. It was quite disappointing indeed. This game really doesn't live up to the original, though I don't think there is need to really start pulling more stars than needed - Everything was still good, just not as good as the first + in a minute, and certainly quite below what we expected from it :( That's 1 star down.

Another half star plucked due to the overall lack of challenge. Just a tip: Don't call it a "challenge mode" if you can die indefinitely, revive without penalty (other than score) on the same screen AND keep items (and enemies dead) on respawn, especially if there is no boss in the whole game. It's really misleading.

That sums up to 3.5 which is kind of nice, considering we did already start with 5 stars due to the great overall quality of the game, especially effects (graphic and sound). Had a good experience, not as good as anticipated.