Reviews for "K.O.L.M. 2"

im with kozbad on this on, my fucking god the backround is just creep...
it's a fucking face looking at you and twisting its head sometimes, and I know it's not my reflection i mean just go between gates (or doors) and you'll see a fucking face
but other than that great game allways loved this game and allways will. and hope you get #1 game!

Familiarly awesome.

Some say you can't make the same thing twice, and expect everyone to love it.
Bullsh*t, you did just that and everyone loves it. You know why? Cause you took everything from original and smothered it in bacon, bacon, and more bacon.
You, my friend aren't the best, but way the hell up there, along with Jmtb02 and
other amzing peoples. Go give yourself something nice, cause
you deserve it.

beautifull game

i love this one, very beautifull game,
glad to see that my chara doesn't die.
and i'm really hoping to see a sequel, that will be great! nwn
also, love the visual effects, and the music gives the perfect ambient.

Amazing as usual except..

the ending left me in awe >.>...is there gunna be another sequel is robby still alive or what? I feel kinda frustrated that i waited for the second one to come out for so long just to beat it and figure out in the end my character dies :| seriously hope theres either another sequel or a damn good explanation lol

Great game

It's a great game, but could have been longer. Hoping for a sequel.