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Reviews for "K.O.L.M. 2"

Excellent sequel!

this game was amazing. I really do hope that another sequel is made. one thing though: can someone explain what the secret message means?

@Sonicflame lol how can you calculate the probability of the next game coming out this year? Ha it's based on his mood, when he/she decides to work on it, and if they feel like even making it. Derp. But yes this game is fantastic. Brilliant. I surely do hope there will be a sequel.

Love this game. one question: HOW DO YOU RESUME THE GAME AFTER GETTING A PLATE?!

This game is so much win. The Music is great and touching, the story is pretty good, the gameplay is fantastic, and this is overall a great game.
P.S: When is K.O.L.M 3 Coming out? The game ended on a cliffhanger and i really want to see the ending to the story in the game. If my calculations are correct, the third (and possibly final) game in the K.O.L.M. series should come out sometime this year. I sure hope that i am correct becuase I have been waiting for the third game to come out.