Reviews for "K.O.L.M. 2"


I was gonna say that his reminded me of ico...

looking forward to the sequil

really did enjoy it , though from what it looks like since the first one where he gets all those powers I geuss that you needed him to bew blasted which I imagine the next game is him rebuilding himslef right any way good game.

but the face in the transition oddly looks like my brother which is odd


it was fun, but wtf with the face with scratched eyes, its in the transition between rooms, it freaks me out, is that rob when he was human? idk, its so creppy, its always there, staring at you between rooms, and at the end too i think, so creepy DX

Slow, dull and short

Mmmm, the sequel to a decent metroidvania is short, linear and has few and upgrades are nothing but GO HERE NOW signs. Not feelin it. Music was good, visuals were ok but nothing else really worked.

The level design was pretty dull, especially the enemy placement in Mom's area. Complete non-threats that serve no purpose but to waste the player's time. The addition of the sister didn't really add much, since by the time you have her you hit but a single puzzle requiring her existence, which is blindingly obvious how to solve.

Overall this felt like it could easily have just been the intro cutscene to a real sequel without losing anything.

Where's his old upgrades?

In Kolm 1 he had the invincibility upgrade, the infinity jump upgrade and etc. What happened to them? I know it makes the game too easy but I think it's better if you explain what happened?

Great gameplay, great use of partners, great everything whatsoever....
Only problem: