Reviews for "K.O.L.M. 2"

I can't wait for K.O.L.M.3

I'll kill those bastards. THERE WILL BE BLOOD! RAAAAHHH!! :axe:

Haha, great game!


You know you just opened your self to a lot of nagging to get a third one because of the way it ended. I have to agree it wasn't as good as the first one or KOLMIAM because it was a little short, but it was still really good.

Really Good

To me, it seemed quite morbid, even heart-wrenching at times.
Assuming that was the intent, it was great, just as good as the first.

all things considered, awesome

Considering how quickly this came out after the first installment, this is a great game.

Not as enjoyable as K.O.L.M. or K.O.L.M.I.A.M.

"K.O.L.M. 2" is an enjoyable platformer, but it does not hold up well against the first installment.

In the first game, there are different ways to pass a room depending on the power-ups you possess. If you can double-jump, take the stairs. If you can triple jump, great, just go through the roof. In this game, the only power-ups that affect the game significantly are the light shield and the bomb. You access most rooms only once and never look back. The voice box is just another nameless trophy/medal/shiny star... that requires you to run around for no apparent reason. Also, does the little robot absolutely need the voicebox to get his sister attention? He is walking BOMB for Pete's sake. :)

In the last few rooms, with 2 characters at the player's command, I expect a lot of puzzles as clever as anything in "The Company of Myself." The end came rather abruptly.

After around 20 rooms, the novelty of the "blown-out", dilapidated, dreary look just wore off. More variations in the graphics?

[Not really spoilers] That cliffhanger ending is very classic. By classic I mean I've seen it on numerous occasions before.

The game fell short in various aspects. I enjoy it, but not enough to recommend it to anyone. If you've never heard of the K.O.L.M series, try "K.O.L.M.I.A.M." instead.