Reviews for "K.O.L.M. 2"

You've done it again

It's amazing to see you guys come together yet again to create a wonderful and magical world for the player to interact with. This is among the best designed things I have ever come across in all of my playing games here. The game itself looks like it exists seperately on some other plane with how it's presented. It just shows the real effort and creativity to make this. I don't even know what's going on, I just know that it's done very well.

It's fantastic to see this character fly and jump around, not sure of what is in his environment. You even manage to journey into yourself with this. The music, as expected, is fantastic and gives you a sense of being in a strange land. The light hurts you, but you manage to find ways to cover it up. Even the enemies appear to be helping you with blotting out the light. Thank you for giving me a great trip into my own psyche.


love this game so much

Thank You

The sheer innocence of the robot brought tears to my eyes


i almost said bull sh!t

too short

feel like there could have been more. More upgrades or power ups. The focus seemed too much on the story, what little there was. The plot is intriguing only because so little is given that you want to know more. But the gameplay felt like a means to an end in this installment.

Next game, I would like a larger map, more hidden rooms, more upgrades that unlock previously blocked passages or rooms.

good job otherwise.