Reviews for "K.O.L.M. 2"


Your 1st game told a sad and deep story, one that taps into your emotional state and tells the sad tale of this automoton as he tries to make sense of the world and 'mother'. This one did not, why? Its simply too short to tell the emotional tale the 1st one told.

It appears you are going to tell this in installments, that will make it hard to get people in the right stste of mind, you will need most of each game to get people in the right state, and this will leave almost no room for storytelling.

Ignoring the story its a good platformer, the switch mechanic is nice, however there is only 1 puzzle where you need to use the 2 characters together to solve it. This makes the mechanic feel wasted.

When you do the next one im temped not to play it, i may wait until you have finished them all so i can play them in one hit. I do like where you are going, I just think it lacks the punch and depth of the 1st game


I just noticed the slight outline of a girl in the bkgrnd!

Pretty good, but maybe could have been better

Pretty amusing game, with impressive 3D-ish effects, and with scenes and backgrounds better than that of KOLM I. I liked that some of the stages were the same as in KOLM I. And the end... well, it was a bit predictable, to be honest.

However, the game was a bit short. Maybe a long game would have been boring, but I think this one could have been a little longer. Also, I was expecting more interactivity between the two characters (they only actually interact on the last room).
Also, is there an alternate ending? I've been trying to escape mother and daddy (by exploding), but that only takes you to the previous camera. After ending, I started looking around on all the labyrinth in order to find an exit or some other alternate ending.

By the way, on camera 6 there's a place shaped like |-- you can enter but you can't leave... is there any way to get out of there? (just curious, and I don't feel like trying it at the moment)


There is a prequel, it's in the menu.

Damn I'm missing one letter too...

too short

i think its too short and need more power ups and i think you need to put out a prequel so we know what happend to him