Reviews for "K.O.L.M. 2"


I really did not expect a sequel to K.O.L.M but when I stumbled across it I was not necessarily expecting much. K.O.L.M is to Mass Effect as Mass Effect 2 is to K.O.L.M 2. The music is enchanting. The story is so captivating; you really feel sorrow towards the little robot. The gameplay is difficult but not so hard that it is impossibly frustrating. I love that you keep the skills from the first K.O.L.M. This game is pure Flash art and what most Flash artists should strive to accomplish. Well done!

What... is that..?

Good Game. It's nice that I remember the basics from the first game, but within the first like, 6 or 7 minutes, I notice something funny on the screen. I look closer, and it looks like a freaking face. Just thought I'd mention that. Not sure if that's the case for anyone else, but it's only on this game that it pops up.

Love it

I love this. I really like how you manage to keep the gameplay new and innovative. I say that because you still manage to add new elements without removing the old one (except total invulnerability). I like how you reused the old levels with a new touch in it, how you keep up the suspense with mother and father. I like the character of the sister and I really enjoyed the puzzle you had to think with the two of them. How rob is weak to light and sister to water and how you must find your way through all this. I liked the voices, the graphic filters, the graphic of the sister who was humanoïd but only outlined to fit the general feeling. Ho, and the music rocks.

Everything is perfect and ...ho? what? Already finished? But..but... I've just got sister and it was so much fun! I was expecting more puzzles than that!

So yeah, the game is too short I feel, probably compared to the first. The end did not displeased me and brings a lot of ideas of what could be the next episode. However, I'd like to tell you that right when I returned into the old cave, I was expecting an ending where you would have to choose between father or mother. And later, when I found sister, I told myself that it would be a 3 way ending : alone with your sister, with your father or with your mother. It seems you have other plans and I can't wait to see them but I wanted to share anyway.

Excellent game, I reaaallly enjoyed my 30 minutes of gameplay and I thank for making and sharing this.

Great game but..

The ending..really? If you guys make a 3rd one it should be Sis trying to escape from the parents and make it out of the place. Also the game was short, but I loved having the hints but it also kind of made the game shorter than what it should be.

Anyways, great game, sad ending.

6 words needed!

LOVE the GAME! HATE the END! xD hopes for the 3rd :3