Reviews for "K.O.L.M. 2"

Great sequel...but...

It's too damn short! This is a great sequel in my opinion, it definitely left me wanting more, and I hope the third installment comes sooner rather than later. But I would hate to see you rush with it and it not be as good as the first two...so I guess I'll patiently wait to see what on earth is going on.

Wonderful addition to the first game - keep up the great work :)


beutiful game
got abit sad in the end too

K.O.L.M. 3

I can't wait for K.O.L.M. 3! %u2665
Hoping that it will be released soon...
More Power to the people behind this GREAT GAME! :D

aw man, it's over already?

an excellent development of the first part. The third part will obviously be amazing. can we have another one minute challenge pack in the meantime??

Pretty good sequel

I really liked this game although it seemed a bit shorter than the first. I liked the introduction of his sister that added a new element to the game.
The only glitch I think I ran into is at the very end, the last event didn't trigger the first time so I kinda just wandered around and blew up the blocks below me. When I went back to the last screen again the event then triggered. I'm not sure if that was a glitch or intended...
Also, yes I was out of my comfort zone. I had a face staring at me the entire time, I especially saw it when the screen would go black. o_o What was that all about?