Reviews for "K.O.L.M. 2"

So touching...

This game has really improved from the first one. The music is also very dramatic, giving a big effect on the gameplay and storyline. I demand another sequel to this series. The ending was just not enough for me, I guess.

Great game, hopes for a sequel.

I just finished the games and they have a good story, i enjoy every part.
About the ending, is something sad but i have enjoyed it.
Actually i think about it and this is only my opinion... actually i can imagine some possibilities for a sequel, but i would be spoiling the ending of this game for those who have not played.

Great little game.

Really fun and easy to play.

very good game

its to bad there might not be a sequel also...anyone else notice the dads silhouette has two faces?

Awesome game

Loved this game. I hope that there will be a next one.