Reviews for "K.O.L.M. 2"


Clever stuff man... but WTF was that ending?!!! You came all this way and did all this shit to get here.. now we don't fucking want you so die.. and that's it?! Holy crap man, holy crap.. Cold.

ending. ending! WTF Ending?

what did they do? They destroyed her? Or mother now is with alliance with father?
Anyway, chapter 3 cuz i need to find out or my brain will melt! ahh it's starting aaaarghhh!

Did not raise the bar

I found myself expecting more...

The thing is, KOLM games are amazing. KOLM and KOLMIAM are absolute must-plays on my list of amazing games to share. So the author kind of kicked himself by setting the bar too high!

First off, major bugs: There is only one. On camera 10, there's a small alcove you can get yourself stuck into because it requires ducking to get inside, but you can't jump while ducking. If you get caught in this trap, simply reload the page and it will restart you in the same room (thank goodness for autosave!)

Minor bugs: I managed to get Rob through to Daddy WITHOUT the oxygen tank for Sister. You can hang Sister over a ledge, move Rob out and quickly reposition Sister to the next ledge. Repeat and you can give Rob just enough of a headstart to get through the water. I thought this was rather clever of me and I'd say just leave it in and make an achievement out of it.

The game was also a bit sluggish in places, especially when we went to extremely wide views. This is probably because the author added the really snappy-looking 3d camera pan and some much more complicated backgrounds. I love it, but there's got to be a better way.

Finally we get to the feel of the game, the fun factor itself. Something was really missing here. I wanted a lot more progression for both Robot and Sister. In KOLM we got our vision, all three of our jumps, all three of our guns, slide, waterproofing, etc. All we get this game is sun upgrade, bomb, voicebox, sister, and o2 tank for sister. And voicebox and sister are each just kind of half of one upgrade. So we got about four upgrades instead of KOLM/KOLMIAM's nine.

The bomb felt like it took too long to charge, and there was no audio cue for charging. It didn't feel fun. The sunlight puzzles were certainly challenging, but much like the bomb I didn't feel that its potential had been explored. I also expected Sister to be seared by the light - it wasn't clear why the Rob was vulnerable but Sister was fine, and so I passed up many sunlight rooms at first without realizing they were solvable.

I liked the cooperative aspect of this, I feel like it could be parleyed into a multiplayer game really nicely, but otherwise it's a lot of controls to dump onto an otherwise very spartan control setup. Was it worth the hassle? Maybe. It -was- fun and interesting, but if the game was longer it might have grated on me.

Bottom line - this is still a great game, fun to play, and recaptures the creepy dystopian base of lies that we all know and love. What was added to the game definitely did not raise the bar, though. The second piece of a trilogy always suffers a little. Please make this a trilogy! I don't think we can bear seeing the story end here.


That was an awesome game! the intense is pretty steady... and... i got pretty lost in the middle... but I finished it!
nice game you made there. I wish I could make a game like this in the future!!!

I'ts kinda sad that "Sis" need to be like the family to be in the family... what DID they do to her anyway?

Frankly Very Chilling, yet Suspenseful

Gave me chills, yet made me want to play more. Thank You for this great piece of work :)