Reviews for "K.O.L.M. 2"


That was an awesome game! the intense is pretty steady... and... i got pretty lost in the middle... but I finished it!
nice game you made there. I wish I could make a game like this in the future!!!

I'ts kinda sad that "Sis" need to be like the family to be in the family... what DID they do to her anyway?

Frankly Very Chilling, yet Suspenseful

Gave me chills, yet made me want to play more. Thank You for this great piece of work :)


Mother is like GLaDOS


but what the freak i finished the whole game to mae my sister a robot. thats sad. there shouls be a 3rd one

Nice and all...

I got stuck after I played for a while.
I was able to crouch and enter a space that was 3 blocks high, and 1 block wide with the entrance (1 block high) at the top right. When I fell down there I couldn't get back up since you can't jump while crouched, or crouch while jumping.

No suicide button or any means to restart/reset the room...leaving me no choice but to either restart the game or quit playing.

No wait...quitting the game and then continue worked....I'm now free from the space that trapped me...however...not good to have a space you can't get out from like that =/