Reviews for "K.O.L.M. 2"


gameplay 9
music 10
story 9

So good...

... it's almost embarrassing.
It's a great technical feat, and its gameplay reminds me so much of Metroid and Castlevania it nearly makes me weep. Incredible.

i love it but...

im stuck right after u get your sister help!

Incredible work!

the game... is incredibly fun ... the start of the first one was nicer though ... but both KOLM 1 & 2 are amazingly unique piece of art !
your game is an example for indie game-makers ...
chat system ... great
conversations ... great
music ... incredibly great (and fits to the game)
graphics ... great , it can be improved though

the game still need some improvements on gameplay ... I dont know somthing is missing, plus the game is too short ...

but GREAT work... keep it up ! I need KOLM 3 i REALLY DO

hm, I kinda get the ending

The game is great, I don't know why almost everyone is complaining...
the ending is kinda easy to figure out
those two aren't really their parents, that is proven by the sister's talk: "Oh no, it's those two!" when she was fully aware she was going to see "daddy". they are probably robot built by their parents to take care of their children, but ended up with self-awareness of their power and killed their parents, maybe "Robert" is also not really the real Robert, but actually another one of these robots, but has the memories of his "previous life" as Robert.... or not...