Reviews for "Hollow."

The game is rage inducing, It's far to difficult and the controls are extremely sketchy at times too, especially on ice. Particular enemies had horrid patterns the slime things or whatever the are grab you even when their mouths are already shut, imo that's bull***t, and don't get me started on the rocks, I figured they wouldn't land in random locations but no matter where I go there happens to be a rock homing in on the one spot I'm standing leaving me no chance to avoid it..

Good for you, that this earned a place in the top ten but still it's too frustrating for my tastes.

The game isn't working for me either? Just like Graham said... after the green bar loads, nothing happens, it seems like the screen just froze (the game screen only). I would love to play the game to be able to actually give a review though...

Random deaths in a platformer game? No thank you, that takes away the whole point of dexterity.

I'm talking about the falling rocks.

ConnorUllmann responds:

The falling rocks aren't random--they are in a set place on the screen, unless there's an enemy on the screen that you've failed to handle correctly that causes them to fall.

How is this on the front page? Seriously, there are many problems to this game.
1. The jump key barely ever works. On ice, jump isnt even a option unless you slow yourself down enough, which is impossible if you hve to dive there, which brings me to my other reason for giving this game a zero.
2. Diving..... The dive key sends you sliding off the edges of ground and to your death. Even more so on ice. If you have to jump and dive to get onto a block of ground that happens to be ice, its impossible. On land this is true also. You have to get it 100% perfect every time to get past a level.
3.Rocks........Just no..At and random time they will fall, and will coincidentally start dropping right on top of me. Also, they appear right at the top of the screen in split seconds giving you no time to react. The rocks arent necessary with all the other difficulties this game presents.

This would be a enjoyable game if you went back and made some changes. But right now, it is unplayable and not fun.

So I would love to play this game, but unfortunately after the little green loading bar fills, nothing happens. I've attempted to use chrome, firefox and internet explorer, all with the same result. It seems that some other people are having the same problem too. You might want to have a look at fixing that, (Although considering how old the game is, that's probably not going to happen).

Oh and newgrounds, give us a damn comment tab. While technically this is feedback, it's not really a review. I would like to write a review when I get the game working. Oh well!