Reviews for "Hollow."

By looking at other reviews, it looks like this is a pretty good game. But when the green bar finishes loading, nothing happens. I seem to be not the only person with this trouble. Other reviews say it happens to them too. The only reason I rated it 2.5 stars without playing the game is because other people say it is a great game.

The game isn't working for me either? Just like Graham said... after the green bar loads, nothing happens, it seems like the screen just froze (the game screen only). I would love to play the game to be able to actually give a review though...

So I would love to play this game, but unfortunately after the little green loading bar fills, nothing happens. I've attempted to use chrome, firefox and internet explorer, all with the same result. It seems that some other people are having the same problem too. You might want to have a look at fixing that, (Although considering how old the game is, that's probably not going to happen).

Oh and newgrounds, give us a damn comment tab. While technically this is feedback, it's not really a review. I would like to write a review when I get the game working. Oh well!

I found the leprechaun I was like WHAT?! when i First found it XD, awesome Game Btw

wow this game is cool