Reviews for "Hollow."

i do not know how far i am because there is nothing that shows me in which level i am. and more than 1 health would help too. and checkpoints.

This game is not entertaining at all. It's too damn difficult, especially on Level 20. Like WTF dude! That's almost impossible to finish! Totally hate the rocks, evading the big ones, but got hit by small ones. Seriously?! Totally frustrating. Like the graphics, characters, but not the gameplay.

It's amazing that this got on the front page. Next time, please don't make a game that only you can finish.

The game is rage inducing, It's far to difficult and the controls are extremely sketchy at times too, especially on ice. Particular enemies had horrid patterns the slime things or whatever the are grab you even when their mouths are already shut, imo that's bull***t, and don't get me started on the rocks, I figured they wouldn't land in random locations but no matter where I go there happens to be a rock homing in on the one spot I'm standing leaving me no chance to avoid it..

Good for you, that this earned a place in the top ten but still it's too frustrating for my tastes.

i guess to someone who enjoys this type of gameplay would find this pretty fun and adventurous...but to me honestly it's random and sometimes kind of annoying when you have to restart for the 15th time because that one THING got you that you tried to dive from. the music gets old too...

I really enjoyed the cave monster/bad guy designs... very original. I loved the art style and the music. Just seemed very fitting for the feel of the game. I loved it