Reviews for "Hollow."

The fact that it crashes randomly makes me wonder if this was even tested before being put here.

Somewhat fun otherwise, gameplay reminds me of an old NES game. I think it was called Bonk's Adventure or something similar; you use your head to jump in enemies and kill them. A lot of the levels are trial and error ;enemies popping out without you actually having time to react to them (first time happened in the first few levels where a green thing stomps on you out of nowhere). However the only reason I'm writing this is because I had yet to see a flash game randomly crash / lock up. Some of the coding really needs to be checked.

Congradulations on being Tom Fulp's favorite game! I really liked this, probably because it really lets you go to this strange bizarre world. The main white character reminds me of the game "Aether". I can easily see this becoming popular. It's already popular with the freaking creator of the website! I really like it how you can dive.

It's great how you die numerous times but it quickly goes back to where you started off. I don't know if I've ever seen you re-animate so quickly. The sound effects and enemies are nicely designed too. I wish I had some idea where I was going here. All I know is that I had a great time doing it!

did u try to copy nitrome's game style if so u did a so-so job

Okay the game itself I feel is a bit too unforgiving, like random boulders killing you after a series of hard jumps. Also, the moving platforms are smaller then they look, as in you can fall off of them when you stand near but not even on the edge of them. But the low score is also because the game caused my internet browser to freeze and crash 4 times at random times when I was I died throughout the game, and even when I forced closed my browser, the loud stuttering sound that happens with the crash does not stop and requires me to restart my computer.

I absolutely love this game.