Reviews for "Hollow."

This... I have played before... why?

Not bad at all. I liked the music, the art was excellent, it controlled smoothly and nothing seemed to be left out.

The one thing I would have liked would have been some sort of surrealist story, similar to the Coma, which this reminds me of.

Really cool game, loved that it didn't restart the music on death (I hate it when games do that), really loved the dive feature, but I really disliked the rocks and some of the enemies were too annoying.

Loved loved loved the concept. The kind of game I have in mind when I sit down at the keyboard to write music. Gameplay was really cool too. It's hard, you die a lot, but since there's very little penalty (short levels, fast respawn) it doesn't kill the fun, even for someone who tends to hate difficult games like me.

Didn't love the fact that it crashed on me and I had to shut down the browser to kill the super loud repeating "crash" sound effect looping. Which is the only reason it didn't get 5/5.

Great game with very classic game play. Only had one problem on level 20 when the landscape started turning invisible after each death (and there were many many deaths) and even the character disappeared eventually. But i reloaded and finished, very satisfying.
The best thing about the game was that instructions and enemy details aren't spoon fed to you like they are in a lot of games. Maybe it was obvious to most people but I felt happy when I finally realized the little green blobs which id previously thought did nothing at all turned out to be the ones causing the rockfall.
Fun and challenging. Great game.