Reviews for "Hollow."

It's an immensely fun game, but there are some definite things that could be improved upon. Firstly, I think the reason people are complaining saying that the jump only works half the time is because there's no leeway letting you jump past the edge, which in a game like this is pretty important. Secondly, the collision with those mouth enemies is so annoying, I was eaten so many times when I was pretty sure I shouldn't have been.
But the worst thing, by far, was the random avalanche system. On what I think was the last level (I'm not sure, my browser crashed and I didn't realise it didn't autosave), the amount of times I ended up getting screwed over because it decided to randomly drop giant boulders on the platform I was standing on or jumping to was insane. The one time I almost made it to the end was because an avalanche decided to only drop 3 small rocks that I easily avoided. On a game that's so based upon memorising a routine to make it through the levels, the randomness of that really kills the flow of it.
But aside from those, it was a very fun game, challenging and a little frustrating, but not too frustrating to make me rage quit. Almost. That avalanche stuff really is a bitch.

Why does the jump button only work when it wants to?

THE GAME CRASHES whenever I get hit just after I make a dive. I have to start all over again from level 1 after reloading the game.

That scenario often happens. A lot of things annoy me but this takes the cake.


I have yet to finish this game (stuck on a level) but I like what I see so far. While the controls are perhaps a bit iffy (diving is a bit too loose), the atmosphere is way beyond most of the games on Newgrounds.

I actually felt anxiety and a bit of fear that a monster would drop from the ceiling and kill me. The avalanches of rocks, I'd say, are completely unfair and cheap. And yet, in a way, it kind of helped the mood that you're a lone boy in an unforgiving world.

This game has managed to create an atmosphere that you just don't see in recent flash games.

How is this on the front page? Seriously, there are many problems to this game.
1. The jump key barely ever works. On ice, jump isnt even a option unless you slow yourself down enough, which is impossible if you hve to dive there, which brings me to my other reason for giving this game a zero.
2. Diving..... The dive key sends you sliding off the edges of ground and to your death. Even more so on ice. If you have to jump and dive to get onto a block of ground that happens to be ice, its impossible. On land this is true also. You have to get it 100% perfect every time to get past a level.
3.Rocks........Just no..At and random time they will fall, and will coincidentally start dropping right on top of me. Also, they appear right at the top of the screen in split seconds giving you no time to react. The rocks arent necessary with all the other difficulties this game presents.

This would be a enjoyable game if you went back and made some changes. But right now, it is unplayable and not fun.