Reviews for "Hollow."

It was fun while it lasted. I got in probably about 9 levels and it crashed. When I refreshed, all the gameplay was reset. I saw some other reviews saying it crashed for them too, so it may be something you want to look into. Really fun game though!

Very fun game! I got addicted. Its like a creepy mario game!

Sorry but kept on crashing after some deaths,, Maybe a chrome thing don't know for sure.. but for what i played i got to give u 4 stars.. minus 2 for crashing too many times..

+1 for eeriness
+3 for challenges that you cant rage quit on
+1 the title and the beginning of the game are the only story line but its easy to picture, a disfigured man falls into a chasm, and cant get out... it only adds to the horror feeling...
final review: 5 stars, simple, creepy, and wonderful. but can i request you put the music on the audio portal to download, its calming in a way and its quite catchy, any rating below 5 can kiss my @$$

LOL lucky charm