Reviews for "Hollow."

This game is actually pretty good. For those complaining about random avalanches, they aren't random at all... they are caused by a small, hard to see green blob that doesn't kill you on contact, but which will periodically flash, and whenever it flashes it causes rocks to spawn above you in your general location.

The game saves if you return to the menu while in game, so you can avoid loosing progress doing that each level. I only had it crash on me once myself.

Overall very good for a game you made in such a short time, fairly tight but unforgiving... not impossibly hard though. Good work.

the dive is way too fast, I spent 4 or 5 minutes replaying the 3rd level over and over because I would dive over those jellyfish things then slide into the next hole. THEN on the avalanche stage it was virtually impossible for me to beat, I finally made it past the enemy and the game crashed. And as everyone else has been saying the progress isnt saved. The game has potential butto me its completely broken due to diving and crashing.

I really like the graphics in the game. Also the creepy music adds to the gloomy cave atmosphere all over. I especially loved the dashing feature of the hero, though. It's alot of fun to boost around the levels and zoom through enemies with it.

But the game crashed twice for me too, which is super annoying for the fact that apparently the game doesn't save progress for me.

Yeah... It crashed and I had to start all over at level 1... not playing through again. Please fix all the bugs and crashes.

Fun game and cool atmosphere, but crashed multiple times. I would rate it quite a bit higher if not for that.