Reviews for "Hollow."

Excellent game. Challenging but not stressful. Not an easy balance to achieve. I got a great glitch when I got killed by an avalanche at the exact time that I was going through the exit door. Locked up firefox, locked up windows vista (like that doesn't ever happen), made me restart my notebook. But I came right back to the game. "Addictive" is the best compliment I can come up with.

The main character was very cute. The music is soothing and suits the atmosphere. The controls were alright, and it was fun to see the little guy diving. It's pretty addictive, but I had to stop playing before I raged too hard; I died like 100 times within the first few levels ^^; Good job~.

I finally beat it,

429 deaths,
2 hours 15 minutes,

but i finally beat it.

This game is horribly addictig. I loved the game play so much, that i could not stop playing it untill i beat it. Some of the levels were extremely hard, but not so much to where it was undoable.

This game is very original, i dont think i have seen any other games like this one anywhere else, good job to you sir and i hope to see more content like this from you in the near future! :D

I found the secret leprechaun.This is awesome.

I absolutely love this game! Gameplay seems fresh and new, and the controls are very easy to get the hang of. The graphics are beautiful and the instant restart doesn't give you time to rage. Altogether, this is an amazing game. I hope to see more like this in the future!