Reviews for "Hollow."

sometimes you'd jump to a ledge and slide over the edge. and it was just a matter of luck trying to avoid that.

i do NOT like games that give you a limited light radius. that is a weak, artificial mechanic that makes for a less enjoyable experience.

forcing us to use the mouse to start a level instead of letting us use the keyboard killed the pixel game file.

this review is OVER.

This was awesome, up til the 20th level. Felt the boulders were too much - like it was just arbitrarily killing the player, you couldn't really avoid them so you just had to hope it didn't hit you. Was pretty frustrating, and I eventually quit.

Aside from that though, solid game! Nice graphics, simple menu (though you should be able to select level via keyboard), and EXCELLENT audio design. Nice work, and congrats on placing 8th in Ludum Dare ;)

Well, the game was alright, but then I headbutted something in the fifth level and the game froze, nearly crashing my computer and deleting all data for the game. And even before that, the whole darkness gimmick was starting to get old.

It was a good game. Until I hit a spot where the wall was just BARELY too tall for me to jump it. oh, well. 3.5 stars for what little of the game I saw.

Nice game. I enjoyed it.