Reviews for "Hollow."

damn avanlanches...but i sure got far tho =w=

This game has potential, but it just has too many flaws.

1: The limited sight radius is an old, hackneyed game mechanic. It remains appropriate in an RPG, but not in a platformer.
2: Rocks fall, everyplayer dies. There's no rhyme nor reason to the players, when rocks fall, they just fall wherever they will, which is usually right on top of them. The only way to survive, usually, is to mash the C button and lunge under the avalanche, but this becomes problematic when combined with deadly pitfalls (see also: level 16.)
3: Lack of checkpoints. Level 16 in particular made this one frustrating for me. This game is very much "Trial and Error Gameplay," the very least you could do is let the player skip ahead of sections they already tried and succeeded at.

Which leads into 4...

DON'T MAKE A GAME THAT RELIES ON TRIAL AND ERROR GAMEPLAY! It's just not FUN. I thought we, as a gaming society, had evolved past the "frustrate the player until the only relief he feels that the game is over is the relief that he can leave it alone and never play it again without losing face" stage.

First reaction: AWESOME! Great music and artwork, love the mood. The jump controls can be a little stiff some times but this is exactly the type of old school platforming action that I was just bemoaning the lack of recently. Second reaction: Sliding ice floors are a cheap fucking gimmick that I hate but I might be able to forgive you. Third reaction: The level where rocks are fall at you while you have to jump around and avoid enemies might have pissed me off. Fourth reaction: Fuck this.

So there you go. If it had stopped around level fifteen, I think I would have loved. Otherwise, too hard.

Decent. The lunges are a little buggy. The game looks great and plays well overall.

So... I just went through a door at the same time a boulder hit me. It caused the game to have a terminal glitch, and my browser crashed as well. Great potential, glaring flaws.