Reviews for "Hollow."

like the game but i got a screen after going through a door with just an "!" in the middle....is it a glitch or what?

Random deaths in a platformer game? No thank you, that takes away the whole point of dexterity.

I'm talking about the falling rocks.

ConnorUllmann responds:

The falling rocks aren't random--they are in a set place on the screen, unless there's an enemy on the screen that you've failed to handle correctly that causes them to fall.

I enjoyed this game. I found the graphics to be pleasingly comparable to the SNES graphics.

As for the difficulty, I found there was an exploitable gimmick to beat each situation... I feel this was more of a puzzle game than a straight platformer. I read a review that called it a "trial and error" platformer or some such... but I urge that reviewer to give this game a second chance and attempt each level while finding the gimmick.

I gave 4 stars instead of 5 because I felt that the game could use a better menu interface. I thought I had broken it... or flash had stopped working... when trying to reach the achievements page from the main menu! Sadly, this happened more than once. I was befuddled each time.

Great game! I encourage you to make more!

cool art and sound but too hard with no rhyme or reason.

well to reply to shadowdragon8685, the game is hard the limited sight i think fits the mood of the game perfectly, and level 16 is an old way of saying hi to hardcore gaming not omg where are the checkpoints ive been playing for 5 seconds or ive moved 10 feet, hell thats more trial and error than anything....You spend countless hours or minutes or however long using cunning and intelligence to outwit obstacles or enemies not this cheesy checkpoint stuff. Anyways good game.