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Reviews for "Run Ninja Run !"

very entertaining game but...

it only needs a mute button.

Good, fun, and Mindnumbingly frustrating

This game will have you saying a "5 more minutes, mom!" for the next hour

I'm having a lot of fun, I don't know about you...

It's fun, I really do feel like a ninja and I think that's what people are forgetting. You're a ninja and what's something you require to be a ninja, reflexes and sharp ones. You only get one life, stop asking for things to be easier and just deal with the what you have infront of you. The first level yes the pop up boxes are annoying, but it's only in the first stage, so stop freaking out. It's also not impossible to switch out of a sword to a slide... T_T I'm going to finish this game and I hope you attempt to finish it too... because you can beat this game.


It was good exept the speed and the controls...
You could have made it much harder/faster while you are able to run left and right...
I mean it was a peace of cake for 80% of the way and then there are like 2 places where the glitches kill you....
Anyway was still alot of fun.


not a bad game i like how it has loads of different voices each time and graphics are fair too but the amount of times i faceplanted...ouch.