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Reviews for "Run Ninja Run !"

Soo much potential

I would love the game if the controls were no so laggy. Laggy controls just makes it annoying

World's worst ninja

There is a reason this ninja was captured. He's awful.

I've never heard of a ninja--one of history's greatest warriors--being incapacitated by gently clipping the corner of a wall, or stumbling across the branch of a tree.

I can understand when the player misses a jump and our ninja falls 20 stories into a pit. I, however, can't understand why he's giving up on life because i jumped a bit too far and -touched- a wall. Apparently they just don't make ninjas like they used to.

The idea is fun and has potential, but this game needs major tweaking before it can be any good.

Stupid tooltip

the tool tip on the first level that explains how to duck keeps getting me killed since you can't duck while it is there and it doesn't appear till you would need to duck.

Not as good as I had hoped

The graphics are nice and the concept certainly seems entertaining. However, when I got to the first step of the tutorial, the game wouldn't respond. I kept pressing up and nothing happened. Maybe it's just my computer, but please look into it.

Also, maybe you should try to included some legit Japanese phrases next time instead of some strange dialect in the beginning. It would make a great..."earcandy," I guess?

Overall, good art and idea, but bad functionality and not enough action (according to the previous reviewers). With a few tweaks it could be better.
Good try, though.

ok at best

Too many glitch spots and problems also if u make the tiniest error you lose even a second given for correction makes a big difference and saves alot of frustration