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Reviews for "Run Ninja Run !"

Beat it. Loved it.

I think it was well done. I know there's some knocks for time response or whatever it's all about timing of the jumps. Used up 17 mins of my time (gameplay) to beat it. I dig it sir.

Run, ninja, run!

A good running game, like Sonic without brakes. The animation and music is excellent, but I would've enjoyed an ending. Does the ninja ever get a break? We'll have to find out in the sequel.

Suprisingly good.

Not bad! Usually, i hate these kind of running games where you have obstacles, but this one tickled my fancy. I dont know what it is about it, i just like it alot better than most of the other ones. keep up the good work, and i hope for more epicness.

Could be better

A good game, but needs a improvement in time of response.

Good game, some places could be tightened.

This game is fun to play and I do enjoy the challenge. Though there are somethings that could be tightened up/fixed. Like in the start with the tutorial I kept dying with the slide part because the game would just pause in a weird spot to give you the direction and then unpause when you press the button. Maybe have an option to turn off tutorials for those who are familiar with the game.

Other then that it's a fun game to play and easy to understand.