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Reviews for "Run Ninja Run !"

could have been better......

make a tab to turn off the music. Each stage the gold bars that we get--we keep it.

Pretty fun game

Pretty fun overall, the tutorial thing did kinda mess me up, otherwise I would give this game a ten. I do have to agree with Rocky though, I had no problem playing this game at all, don't rate the game low if your computer can't handle it

the tutorial ruin the game

the tutorial pop out and when i hit down button, this stupid ninja knocks the wall

I had no problem with response time.

If your computer can't take the heat, play on low detail. Don't bash the game cause you're trying to run it from your mommy's laptop.

waste of time

it would have been much better if the guy actually jumped when i pressed jump, insted of running straight off the cliff or into a wall... just putting that out there. BIG design flaw. was a good concept though i guess, just needs a bit more work to make it more responsive. Also on the first level the bit where you have to slide is ruined by the fact that when you start to slide you are stopped by a message that says "press down to slide", and usually it just stops you and kills you