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Reviews for "Run Ninja Run !"

I liked the game!

There were a few things I disliked like not having a choice to hold onto the gold for a different upgrade. There weren't enough different routes that could be taken either. I just felt like I wanted more. Giving the gamer control over the charter and adding options would be nice to see.

Cool game.

But it's reflex and skills, not "reflects and skills." The mechanics were a little hard to predict at times and sometimes frustrating as hell. Also, I feel kind of gipped that I busted my ass for a quadruple jump and only got to use it on one level (where it doesn't come in handy at all). That being said, the other skill, while a little cooler looking, were pretty much useless for upgrading. But kudos. Good art style. Fun concept. Oh, and the "Run Ninja Run!" spoken at the beginning of the level got old real fast.

Reasonably Entertaining

Quite fun, but some more options would be nice. Like the option to turn off the damn music, maybe change the way you look. But mostly ok, other than that.

wrong song, buddy

Actually, I don't think the gameplay is as bad as others think, but one irritating thing- The in game BGM is Chinese, not Japanese. Take a note on that, please.

not very good, yes?

I couldn't even get through the first 40 seconds of the game because everytime i tried to slide under the first underslidey thing the tutorial box popped up telling me to slide and right when it disappeared the guy smashed his head into the wall