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Reviews for "Run Ninja Run !"

its like a cave runner rip off

-its more annoying
-you have to press space at the right time according to the script to KO enemies
-no muting the sound
-and the slight pause to explain IN-GAME how the game works gets you killed
-looks fancy plays crap

and im going to say it was racist. just cuz. the voices and the constant annoying "RUN NEENJUH RUN" voice. in fact im rating this from a 4 to a 2 now and i just did

few things i don't like

There are still a few glitches or characters position problems on the slides, and I find it slightly annoying I can't gain more gold from runs I replayed.

....run ninja.... run.

My battlecries:
Sword slash = HUA!!!
Slide = HUAAAA!
Double Jump = HUUUUWWWWAAA!!!!
Fuck bro this gam- HUUUUUAAAA!!!!

love it :D

there is a bug however....if you slide right before a ramp...you fly until you hit a wall.....love the music :D

Fun, but with some downfalls.

Very fun time waster. Simple game play, but entertaining enough to keep you occupied for a while and give you a good time. The graphics are OK, but could've been a wee bit better. The music is good, but sounds kind of like it was recorded by cell phone, which is the downfall of many popbrain games. Overall I thought it wasn't all too new or original, but was a fun game for what it was.

Also, kingsman13, instead of saying the game is frozen, why don't you just try hitting the up key when it says "Press up key to jump" instead of waiting for the ninja to keep running :P Dur.