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Reviews for "Run Ninja Run !"


man, this game looked to be so epic. then i saw the type of animation used. im kinda a freak about graphics. its alright for a little bit, but then the damn tutorial bar pops up. also be cool to have 2 more lives

Sort out the glitch caused by the tutorial

So, my character's running along, everything's going swimmingly. I've got all the gold bars in the first level. I come up to the tunnel that I have to slide through, so I press the down button. Suddenly, the fucking tutorial box pops up, cancels out the fact that I pushed down and the stupid fucking ninja jumps back up, bops his head against the wall and WHOOPS SORRY, I lose. Fuck that shit, zero stars.


Its glitchy. Very. When you are about to do something, the tutorials come up and cancel it, then you die. And when you die, you dont keep the money you get.


In my opinion this game has just one big problem. Every action needs a perfect timing, it requires millimetric precision between sliding, jumping and slashing/kicking, all combined to avoid hitting a wall or some other object. I know that the levels are very short, but maybe a small checkpoint in the middle of the stage would help. The upgrades were also a little bit lame, I didn't play it through the end so I don't know if you will need to slide for one whole minute or if you need to slash through a brick wall, but in the first few levels they are totally unnecessary. Also, about the slash attack, the character lifts up from the ground a little, and if you slash through an enemy in a small passage you may hit your head and fail the level (happened couple times with me). It's pretty frustrating but for me that's a good reason to keep trying.

World's worst ninja

There is a reason this ninja was captured. He's awful.

I've never heard of a ninja--one of history's greatest warriors--being incapacitated by gently clipping the corner of a wall, or stumbling across the branch of a tree.

I can understand when the player misses a jump and our ninja falls 20 stories into a pit. I, however, can't understand why he's giving up on life because i jumped a bit too far and -touched- a wall. Apparently they just don't make ninjas like they used to.

The idea is fun and has potential, but this game needs major tweaking before it can be any good.