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Reviews for "Fodo!"


just an fyi,fodo in portuguese means "i fuck", not kidding here

Seems good, but largely unplayable

I know that it's good because the NG staff have to play the game to approve medals, so I know that it's possible to play...

However, My computer asked twice if I wanted to kill the flash because it was so slow, my computer has about 2GB of RAM, and I've never found a flash game I couldn't play, and it's nothing to be proud of to be the first...

Once the "Please wait" screen is done, the main menu runs at ~0.5 frames per second, I'd like to hear what your dev platform was, because there is obviously a difference in hardware, and possibly software that we need that you didn't know we need?

I can only hope that this game deserves this, I look forward to a patch that allows gaming on a lower-end computer.

Good game

I love it


How bout you guys watch the tutorial?

I loved the game, I got the concept and wasnt laggy for me
The only bad part to me when tinier donuts are flying down swerving around when you try to get them then you have the drag them off the planet.
I would just slow them down a bit or stop them swerving around
Otherwise,It's a great game, you other people need to watch the tutorial to get it, that's what it's there for! You feed the donuts certain things you buy from the shop menu when you finish a level