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Reviews for "Fodo!"

I agree, pretty weird

I generally don't do this, but I'm giving up on the first level. I thought the donut was supposed to eat to the center, but then I lost when it did. Why can I control the donut if it's the bad guy? Yeah, I could figure it out of course, but the game is super laggy, nearly crashing my computer.

Nice game and all, but not something I'm gonna bother killing my computer with.

What is this?!

I can't really say it was that good or bad because it was just so weird. I thought maybe the human was supposed to be eaten or something but he just fell down whenever I lifted him up. Then he reappeared later for no reason, what? Anyway, I still have to give you credit for coming up with something really colorful. The vibrant colors of this game stick out so well and are nicely detailed. The music is also cheery, about as fitting for the atmosphere as anything else.

The best level is the one where you control the volcano and it hits the doughnut like that. I like how the arrows let you move all around the planet. It's far to feel antagonistic for those doughnuts when they're so cute looking! Maybe everyone should just eat them. You are given a nice view of everything that you have dominion over.

ugh too many issues

First and foremost the sound. The music is the most irritating crap in the world, but I can't turn it off without turning off the sound (the mark of a lazy coder). Its total bullocks, I want to hear the sound without the crappy music, if i didn't want to hear anything at all I could just mute my computer, seriously, too many lazy coders do this and its the biggest turnoff for most gamers.

Secondly, the doughnuts attack during the tutorial, what kind of bullshit is that?! Seriously, "oh here is how to defeat a giant doughnut BUT too bad you were reading how to defeat me because now your entire planet has been eaten into." seriously, that again is just bad/lazy programing.

This game just feels like a lazy nonsensical idea thrown together and programmed sloppily. Aside from the horrible crappy music, the doughnuts killing you during tutorials, and the absolutely bland uninteresting progression of the game just really make this a turd. Perhaps if you could fix these lazy programming areas, it could be playable, but as it is, it is totally unplayable, totally unfun in every way possible. I mean right away we are blasted with shitty annoying music the likes of which i have never heard, then crap controls, unable to mute only music, the junk shop (explains nothing, doesn't help to know what i should buy ect.) I just can't believe this ever got front page.

I sincerly hope you fix these issues, this game could really be something.


mentioing riotrite it also crashes chrome flash plug in, exactly the same as he discribes, please fix this, 2 stars by the moment! im sure the game will be cool

well done

ots fun and fast. those little douhnut holes chew through the planet fast. there is a huge glitch though. if you click on an item to buy it, then click on a cheaper category but not the item....it give it to you for way cheaper. for example... i clicked on miner to buy it, then clicked on the small category and was buying miners at 2 gold. same goes for all items.