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Reviews for "Fodo!"


Alright, I've tried to play this damned game on Chrome, Firefox, and IE... All of them have crashed because of this game. My notebook isn't the issue either, I run Spore full spec on this without the slightest issue, which means the game coding IS the issue. I'm not sure what kind of ungodly high spec rig you made this on and for, but for the sake of actually letting people play the game, fix this singular issue!

Oh, and the music plays though, I like the music Good work on that.

(Note to anyone who may have music continue after browser closes and crashes, the browser's process is still running, you can terminate this or wait for your pc to catch up and take care of the matter itself)

Does not work.

That's all I want to say. When you fix it - we'll see then.

Seems and looks like a legit game

Too bad my Google Chromes flash crashed when it was loading. Fix it up a bit (seeing as others have the same problem), and I'll give it another chance. I'll give you a three, because for people it does work for it seems pretty good so I'll give you 3 for the efforts.

Can't finish it

I actually thought this game was fun at first.
Cute characters and lands.
Cheesy music in the background.
A volcano that can shoot at the doughnuts.

So.... I assumed my failures came because I hadn't played the game for that long. Man was I wrong!

It's easy to learn what to do, but it becomes ridiculously hard fast!
Special attacks or soldiers of some sort could be used.

Doughnut problems:

The doughnuts move way too fast, and it takes them only a few seconds to get to the core. Maybe people should be able to repair the planet?

Doughnuts don't always eat the things given to them. Many of my items eventually end up just falling.

Dropped items come back, but it takes too long to respawn. It would also be nice to be able to catch it again in the air if it's not eaten by a doughnut.

Doughnuts also like special items that cost too much money. Don't do this to the player, especially early on in the game. It discourages players like me.

Land problems:

The scrolling of the land is also weird. Sometimes, I can't seem to get to that one flower or tree that I planted; especially when it's your last thing on the planet, it's vital. Maybe use the mouse to drag the planet around and not the arrow buttons.

Store problems:

Flower -
2gold for 1 attack???

bird + humans -
Why are they the only ones that are around 4-5?
Try having other non animals available. Also have animals that are worth more.
Maybe an elephant worth 8-10 or something.

Tree + bulletin board -
Why do they need to be the same price?

too over priced for how much money you can actually get in each level. Either make them cheaper, or allow them to make more money for the players.

Clouds -
Too expensive for having to take a long time to charge into a thunder cloud.
either lower the price, or maybe shorten the period for maturation to 2 days.

There's also the fact that the game crashes A LOT.

Problems with Firefox

Sorry dude, I would like to play and test it, but I can't. I whenever i tried to start the game, my browser crushes nearly instantly and even after closing the browser, the music still plays in the background.