Reviews for "Minecraft: Tna Part 3"

Love this series!

I have been watching this series since episode 1 came out and as a Minecraft fan, I can so relate to most on the things that happen in these episodes. XD I just wonder if you'll be putting Enderman or mobs in the series. Those things scare me o.o
But fantastic job on the series so far! Can't wait for episode 4!

nice dude.

This is a great series. Plus, I'm listnin' to this with Turtle Beaches!! Sounds EPIC!


Alright guys, I'm pretty damn sure he made this, especially judging from the fact that the goddamn description of TNA part 4 on YouTube has a link to the YouTube account "Falconer", and it says that is the creator's channel. Coincidence? FUCK NO! Stop picking on this guy, and enjoy the show.

I logged on my age-old account because I just had to say this.


was just watching these guys on youtube ya copying dumby!

p.s theres part 4 on youtube


Plain awesome.