Reviews for "Minecraft: Tna Part 3"

Awesome one-liners

I like the fact that you made the dialogue so simple yet so funny. The short dialogue combines well with the storyline, and it is another bonus that you drew all the characters in square shape which is pretty hilarilous as well. I also like the expressions of the main character when he is talking. Overall, you did a fantastic job, keep it up!

Falconer02 responds:

Wow, thanks! Nice review!

Love your work!

Excellent plotline and funny one-liners. Can't wait for the next installment!


great execution in every way. gaylord steambath is my new insult du jour.

LOL!!!! XD

wwoww gaylord steambath.....
i wished i could think of such gud names

Interesting Plot

A great 3rd episode. A climbing humor and gradient adventures. Looking for more close-calls and twists in your future uploads. Fantastic work.