Reviews for "Crystal Story"

Bug found

Dunno if this affects the other healers, but when Phoebe uses Cure All it removes buffs instead of ailments. An amazing game nevertheless, it's kept me entertained for a while now.


I miss FF7 can anybody remake FF7??

Android market + $1 a pop = you're rich

Honestly dude, this would be a cool android game. You could sell it on the market for a few bucks a pop. I'm sure enought people would buy it that you could kick back for a while and not have to work.

People say, "1 dollar isn't that much" but when you have 10000 people buy you're (potential app) at a buck a pop...bam badda bing, MONEY!.

Anyway, for real though, great game, nice sound track, cute anime style visuals, simple and easy to understand gameplay. You got something good going on here.

Pretty nice!

I adore myself some RPGs, and indeed this is one of the best RPGs on Newgrounds to date me thinks

Also a very nice touch naming the characters after the party members in Mystic Quest, really love that game.

Without a doubt one of the best flash rpg there is. Truly a masterpiece. Amazing work.