Reviews for "Crystal Story"


Caution !!
loved this game !!
played it for two days ..
suddenly i find today i have no save files ..( the author did mention to back my saved files )
punched a cat and went to bed ..
so long game .. i don't feel like starting all over again

very irritating

i have seen better games compared to this and it isn't saving

Well, this game has had some decent reviews, as a HUGE fan of RPG's, I hope I can add to the good reviews it's recieved.

RPG's are easy to make, but hard to make really well... so let's dive in and see what this game has to offer.
I will give my honest opinion and rating of the game after I have completed it, if I can complete it that is
- IF I don't complete it, then I will get as far as possible and then give a fair judgement.

como se consigue la la medalla secreta

the game wont load is anything needed for gameplay? i have adobe flashplayer installed