Reviews for "Crystal Story"

A very good RPG, somewhat rare nowadays.
Pretty balanced, the grinding is not too long,
but still a challenge. Also, usually tactics are
needed to defeat hard bosses. I liked how
there is a minigame and a pet to feed, these
things add a special touch to the game. On
the other hand, the level 50 medal is a bit of
a stretch, it took too long in my opinion. You
could have made it a bit easier. And 'Nyan'
medal - I don't get why game makers do this
kind of a thing, really. Also, it would be nice
if the map would show the warp points, and
that you could observe all the map, because
on the deeper levels, there are just too much
rooms. Also, the shop weapons are useless,
not once I bought there. You should add more
rare items there. The equip system could
be better - the current effects of the item are
not shown, and it would be nice if you could
know the effects of items dropped by the
monsters right away. I will play the Crystal
Story II game, and probably will also write a
review, since a lot of these were probably
addressed in the sequel.

TIP: for the 'Level 50' medal:
1. Phoebe has to be a rogue, and has to
have an 'Outbreak' skill, which is perfect -
it stuns, poisons and blinds the enemies,
so they lose turns, can't physically attack
you and lose HP all the time.
2. Kill all the other members of the party
and put an 'Exp ring' on Phoebe.
3. Grind in the 40+ floors or better in the
random dungeon, I got more than 12000
XP on 3 enemies sometimes there.

Why critical-hit attack deals less damage than normal ?

Now, if only Hiro would stop taking credit for himself...

A very fun and interesting game. I can't wait to beat it and play the second game! Well worth 5 stars.

I played the second one first before this.
It's actually a fun experience to see how it all began after the second one (^_^) And there are many familiar faces that had me going XD("Hey! It's old man Reuben!!... he looks cute >_< but his French is terrible...") I can definitely see how the second one has improved from this one. Good work!