Reviews for "Crystal Story"

great game i certainly love the different classes and the final fantasy feel to it ! i also love that the 4 characters have the same name as the ones from final fantasy mystic quest ! The game is not hard at all when reuben learns blizzard and kaeli learns scattershot and i feel like it should be a bit more difficult, but other than that it is awesome great work !

yeah the second one i did not mind it but i hate that they removed leveling up they put in stat up it makes it hard to grind for people that like to do it the first one has levels but i do also hat the pet system if u cant bring it to battle why even have it

Without a doubt one of the best flash rpg there is. Truly a masterpiece. Amazing work.

After going for everything, I got a positive - but mixed - opinion overall. As a RPG and what makes one it, the game is very good, and, well, that's about it. Simple without being unpolished, entertaining for the first "half" of it, then becomes increasingly boring. Difficulty is a joke - The only challenges are zombie defenses, and sometimes, luck kicks in and makes it also a breeze (Tips for minigame down below).

Positive points:
- Simple and entertaining, at least before the dragon is defeated the 1st time
- Quite intuitive gameplay
- Good package (nice original art, music, code without bugs)
- Job system for characters

Negative points
- Lack of challenge. The game is incredibly easy at all times - since there's no "cap" for equipping items, just rush to floor 49 and keep grinding there. Equip the lvl 49-50 items on everyone and you're good to finish the final boss - The dropped gold also provides infinite potions and ethers
- No online saves to this date (Well, at least there's a disclaimer on about backing up our saves)
- Game is EXTREMELY GRINDY. In order to get the lvl 50 medal, one needs to equip the exp ring and kill a LOT of mobs. Which isn't really needed, as the final boss can be consistenly killed long before anyone hits 45.

In short: Good game, but take a weekend off in order to fully complete it.

I cant play the game. :( Any advice on getting it to work. It looks like a fun game.